VR_I @ Hiver de danses 

VR_I swiss tour is going on!

Headed by the Association Danse Neuchâtel (ADN), WINTER de DANSES 2019 plays resolutely with borders.

Are there any age boundaries?

Where does individuality end?

Who defines the virtual?

Can we laugh at the dance?

Can we dance democracy?

This new edition invites everyone to explore a diversity of experiences, through performances in all venues, workshops and debates for all audiences.


Just before leaving for New York, Cie Gilles Jobin makes people dance in the enthralling virtual space without boundaries. Be a Giant or a Lilliputian, be yourself or your avatar. Dance!


A VR experience, but also a 3D movie and aroundtable discussion

3D MOVIE : The first movie of Gilles Jobin, WOMB is screened every day from 14thto 17thof February, check infos : https://www.danse-neuchatel.ch/womb

ROUNDTABLE : On the 16th,
Gilles Jobin & Izabella Pluta discuss about virtual reality : Réalité virtuelle : renouveau ou fausse promesse ?

With Mélissa Rérat, Pascal Felbert et Adrian Bangerter, check infos : https://www.danse-neuchatel.ch/art-virtuel-en-debat

VR_I : February 14 -17 @ Théâtre du Passage

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