Recognised for his choreography outside of standard aesthetic norms, Gilles Jobin began producing works in 1995 which earned him the acclaim of both the critics and the public. He soon established himself as a leading independent choreographer in Switzerland. To this day, Gilles Jobin has produced over 20 works, some of which, including A+B=X (1997) and The Moebius Strip (2001), are considered benchmarks on the world stage. In 2003, he produced TWO-THOUSAND-AND-THREE for the Grand Théâtre de Genève Ballet Company, a work that, according to Libération newspaper, ‘transcends the classical and the contemporary’. In 2012, he became resident choreographer at CERN, Geneva, where he produced QUANTUM (2013), a work that travelled widely throughout the world. An ambassador for the arts and sciences, he regularly features as a guest lecturer in Switzerland and abroad. Fascinated with new imaging technologies, he produced the 3D film WOMB in 2016, followed by the duo FORÇA FORTE for which he carried out his first motion capture experiments. With VR_I as well as his current project MULTIVERSE, Gilles Jobin focuses on the creation of content for virtual reality. Moreover, he has turned his dance company and Studios 44 into a pioneering place for professional dance training, the recognition of contemporary dance in Switzerland and the promotion of international exchanges through numerous initiatives, such as the GVA Sessions. In 2015, Gilles Jobin received the Swiss Grand Award for Dance, awarded by the Federal Office of Culture. For more information: Gillesjobin.com